Young vegetables - prepare them smartly!

Young vegetables - prepare them smartly!

Young vegetables have thin skins, are firm, tender, and certainly do not require long heat treatment that would deprive them of their health and culinary qualities. The best method of preparing them is steaming. In this way we not only keep the crunchiness and colors of vegetables, but also maintain a high content of vitamins and minerals. Steaming will also bring out the natural, more vivid taste of vegetables. When prepared in this way, you don't need to add salt - just herbs or your favourite light sauce.

Florina has a clever solution for those who don't have a steamer - this is the steamer insert from the Smart gadget range, which combines modern design, high quality materials and ingenious solutions. It takes up little space and is very convenient to use. It is made of stainless steel, which does not react with food in any way, ensuring that the vegetables will not have a metallic taste. Silicone, non-slip handle does not heat up. The gadget is resistant to high temperatures and mechanical damage, it can also be washed in a dishwasher.

For pre-cooking vegetables, other Florina Smart gadgets will come in handy. The vegetable peeler with finger grip fits your hand perfectly and protects it from dirt. The blade is made of stainless steel which ensures perfect sharpness. In addition, the peeler is equipped with an element that allows you to quickly remove all residues, sprouts and dirt. This makes peeling extremely convenient and fast!

Florina Smart gadgets make many kitchen tasks easier, including the most basic ones such as washing vegetables. The adjustable strainer is a great solution for anyone looking for a versatile pot that doesn't need extra support. The extendable frame, which also serves as handles, makes it possible to hang the drainer on any size sink and conveniently rinse your produce.

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