What to add to tea to enhance its flavor?

What to add to tea to enhance its flavor?

Tea is a beverage that we often drink to warm up or relax. There's no better way to make you feel better when you come home in the winter, and for the worrisome symptoms of a cold everyone around you recommends hot tea with honey. The brew itself is not to everyone's liking, but there are many ways to give it a new character. We suggest some of the most interesting!

Tea with honey

This is probably the most popular combination during autumn and winter. The addition of honey gives the tea many properties, enriches its taste and sweetens it, but also warms it up very well. Wlelokwiatowy honey is especially suitable for this drink - however, you have to remember that it should be really natural. If you are looking for good honey, take a look at Eterno's offer, which focuses on natural preserves and home-made tasty treats.


Lemon is also a popular way to enrich the taste of tea. It is a distinctive fruit, which adds acidity and at the same time does not adversely affect the properties of the drink. You can also add lime or orange to your tea - the latter fruit will go particularly well with spices such as ginger, cloves or aniseed.

Flavored syrups

An interesting solution is also adding flavored syrups to tea. This way, even an ordinary drink can gain a completely new, original face. It's worth trying raspberry syrup, but an equally interesting solution may be an unobvious flavour - for example gingerbread or pumpkin.


Bavarka, i.e. tea with milk, is more popular in Great Britain than in Poland but it is worth trying this combination - maybe you will like it? Especially since the addition of milk enriches not only the taste but also the nutritional value of the tea, and often softens the effect of the theine. It is also very neutral.

Next to coffee, tea is one of the most popular warm drinks. Because of its many varieties, it's hard to get bored with it, but it's worth trying new flavors and enriching the brew with additives.

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