What is activated carbon?

What is activated carbon?

Activated charcoal is growing in popularity every day. Its presence can increasingly be seen in various types of toothpaste, skin care products, and even in water filtration systems. What is behind this name that arouses so much interest?

Activated charcoal is also known as medicinal charcoal or activated carbon. It is created from wood pulp at a temperature of almost 900 degrees Celsius. In the next stage it is activated by steam.

Activated carbon - how it works

We're convinced of the effectiveness of activated charcoal at every turn. No one is surprised by its presence in toothpastes anymore. Just a small amount of carbon effectively works with the stains formed on teeth. It is perfect for those who struggle with the problem of discoloration, for example after coffee or tea. Activated charcoal is also a basic component of many cosmetics. Most often used in masks, creams and various types of scrubs. It is ideal for everyday skin care. In addition, it can be used for all skin types, which definitely increases its functionality. Activated charcoal It has strong adsorptive properties, thanks to which it shows antibacterial and cleansing properties, which works well in the case of masks, for example. It is also often used in hair care, because it prevents excessive greasiness, and also works against dandruff and cleanses the hair of excess sebum and harmful toxins. The presence of active coal in cosmetics is now a common phenomenon. Its advantages are used daily by a wide range of customers.

Effectiveness of activated carbon

Activated carbon is used not only in cosmetics. It can also be found in water filtration systems, air filters, masks and kitchen hoods. The great advantage is that carbon protects against inhalation of pollutants present in the air. In addition, it is responsible for binding harmful pathogens that are present in the water, and placed in the hoods effectively eliminates unpleasant odors in the kitchen.

Activated carbon exists in different forms. Most often, however, you can find it in the form of tablets or powder, which are also in the offer of Soul-Farm. In addition, charcoal in 100g version comes from a combination of 3 pulps: beech, oak and birch, which further enhances its uniqueness.

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