Popular semi-finished products used in confectionery and bakery

Popular semi-finished products used in confectionery and bakery

Semi-finished confectionery products do not belong to the group of finished products. They are used for individual confectionery operations, e.g. stuffing, layering, decorating, glazing. The most popular semi-finished products are flavored fondants, various creams and masses, and fruit preparations. What are the characteristics of these products and how can they be used well?

Water and milk fondants - decorating and filling

Some of the most popular intermediates readily used in confectionery are confectionery fondants. They have the form of a thick, plastic mass. They are divided into two types: water fondants and milk fondants.

Water-based fondants are ideal for glazing, decorating and coating various cakes, pies and cookies. To make them usable, they need to be heated and diluted. Only then do they get the right color and consistency.

Another type of water fondant is crystal glucose fondant, which is suitable for baked goods with large surfaces, such as cakes and pies. There is also a ready-to-use version that does not need to be preheated or hydrated. Simply mix the product and then apply in layers using a brush or specialized machine.

Milk fondants are characterized by a velvety texture, which they obtain thanks to being made of whole milk. They are perfect for creating fillings for pralines, chocolates or wafers. They are available in different flavours, such as toffee, cappuccino and caramel.

Good quality flavored fondants can be purchased in a wholesaler Holger Food Groupspecializing in the production and distribution of products from the food and confectionery industry. You can also find fondants or glucose syrups.

The importance of glucose syrup

Glucose syrup is a very important ingredient in all confectionery products. It is responsible for binding, glueing and fluffing as well as prolonging the freshness of products. It prevents crystallization and limits the growth of ice crystals during freezing. It is also referred to as an aroma and flavor stabilizer.

Confectionery creams and preparations

Confectionery creams are made cold or hot. The former (e.g., whipped cream) are used mainly for layering cakes. Hot versions are used to decorate baked goods or to combine elements, which is due to their perishable structure.

Fruit preparations, on the other hand, are used for filling cakes and cupcakes, as well as decorating cakes. These include jams, marmalades, and candied fruits. Confectioners also often use orange peel.

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