Is cooking really that hard?

Is cooking really that hard?

With cooking like singing - "anyone can cook, sometimes better or a little worse". But it can always be a little easier. The Internet is full of recipes for various dishes. Unfortunately, some choose only exquisite ingredients or throw beginners into deep water. But it can be easier and cheaper, and certainly no less delicious. Less and less people want to cook - because of lack of time, lack of finances, lack of skills. Sometimes simply because of the lack of desire. But there are places on the Internet where you can look for recipes that will save you money and precious time. You just need to know where to look!

How to choose recipes when you are a beginner cook?

Many people have a problem with this. They think that if they have already taken up cooking they should now make "shrimp under a dumpling, topped with truffle oil, with baked eggplant in sauce..." and so on and so on. And in fact, already from nothing you can make delicious, and simple, dishes that everyone will eat with taste. So how to start cooking?

  • Choose recipes that have basic ingredients - you know what minced meat from the shoulder is and what chicken breast looks like. You have a basic knowledge of vegetables. Cool. You can already make something delicious. Choosing recipes like this with all the ingredients you know guarantees 80% success. Most of the time someone will already be able to tell by eye that the breast is fried and the tomatoes for the sauce don't need heat treatment.

  • A good recipe is one that replicates your favorite dish that you've eaten from a bag so far. Reality. If you passionately eat pasta - whether it's with bolognese sauce or carbonara sauce then you can now try to recreate it. Instead of making a sauce for bolognese from a bag - just make a tomato-based sauce with spices. And the carbonara you make yourself is even simpler and more delicious than the one poured out of the bag.

  • Don't reach for hard-to-cook and expensive foods - suggest you make tuna tartare for the first fire? Are you supposed to make pumpkin pie? Don't know how much you should fry fish, and you're just tempted to make a recipe like this? Let it go. Better to cook a simple soup with a few ingredients, or peel yams and make oven fries. You can always make things simpler. If something is expensive, and in addition you have never eaten it and certainly have not prepared it - there is a risk that you will not like it, and money will go to the trash. There is no need to get stressed.

So where to look for these "simple, quick and cheap" recipes?

As we know - there are a lot of sites on the Internet in connection with this topic. But not all of them will work according to this principle. It has to be fast because we don't have time, simple because we don't want to make too much effort to prepare meals and it has to be cheap - money doesn't fall from the sky. On our part we can recommend a place we use when we run out of ideas what to eat for dinner. I am talking about We always have a guarantee that with their recipes we will eat easily, cheaply and quickly. And most importantly - the tastiest, just like in a restaurant.

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