Perfect fries in four steps

Perfect fries in four steps

They are loved by many, anti-fans are hard to pinpoint. French fries have been conquering palates for decades and there is no indication that the combination of potato, salt, fat, and high temperature will ever fall out of favour. However, fries are not the same as fries, so it is worth knowing what to pay attention to when ordering, as well as buying and preparing this snack yourself.

First of all: potato

It is widely known that the basis of a successful dish are good quality ingredients. In theory French fries can be prepared from any potato but only some varieties guarantee good taste. In order to distinguish them, you do not need agricultural studies and thorough knowledge about potato species (of which there are several hundred) - it is enough to recognize three culinary types.

Type A are so-called salad potatoes, which cut well and rarely overcook, thanks to which they remain firm. They will do well in a salad or soup, but will not make great fries.

Type B is the so-called universal type, so it's great as an addition to dinner dishes, either whole or in the form of puree. After thermal processing it is softer, which makes it better suited for baking and frying than type A.

Type C is especially recommended for baking and frying. Potatoes of this type are floury, which makes them crispy on the outside and soft on the inside when fried. Alternatively, the intermediate BC variety may also work well for frying or baking.

It's best to buy potatoes of a specific type in packets, on which you will find a precise description of the type or kind - they are often described simply as salad potatoes, universal potatoes or for baking, which will ensure that you choose the right base for great fries.

Secondly: the shape

Whether we like thin or thick fries is of course a matter of preference. If we decide to buy frozen French fries it is worth choosing thicker ones, which minimizes the risk of drying during thermal processing. Home-made French fries are usually slightly thicker which makes cutting them and later frying or baking more convenient. Thicker potato bars are harder to burn, giving us more control over the frying process. Moreover, solid fries were loved by specialists in this field, i.e. Belgians, so the example goes from the top.

Thirdly: preparation

There is no point in fooling ourselves - French fries can be baked, but the best taste is achieved during frying. When it comes to home-made French fries it is worth remembering about a few things. It is worth to rinse off the starch from the cut potatoes (until the water in the rinsing tank turns transparent) and then soak them in clean, cold (or preferably ice-cold) water with 1-2 tablespoons of sugar. This addition will make the skin of the fries brown and exceptionally crispy.After bathing in fresh water for about an hour (don't worry, it won't affect the taste) dry the fries thoroughly and fry them twice, first in slightly cooler oil, just to "close" the coating (the fries should be fried but not golden). Then drain and put into very hot fat, frying until golden brown and crispy.

Fourth: let the experts do the talking.

Satisfaction from home-made French fries is great, but it is hard to hide the fact that sometimes we prefer to just buy ready-made, crispy fries where they are the best. Especially that French fries are often not the main course but an addition, so their preparation is an additional effort. Great fries for even better burgers in Warsaware served by Pasibus, which apart from classic thin fries made of real potatoes also offers a variety with yams as the main ingredient. You can order fries and burgers with delivery in Warsaw using the Pasidostawa service. Thanks to this service crispy fries combined with one of a dozen or so 100% beef burgers will arrive at your doorstep without leaving home.

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