Parsley - small vegetable, lots of possibilities

Parsley - small vegetable, lots of possibilities

Today we are going to focus on a vegetable which is known to everyone and is very often used in the kitchen. Counted among the superfoods, having a lot of valuable properties and ingredients necessary for the body. We are talking about parsley.

Parsley comes from a family of plants referred to as celery. In Poland is treated as an annual species, which can be successfully grown in gardens. It consists of a root growing underground (also edible) and parsley reaching up to several tens of centimeters. Since ancient times, parsley is very often used in the kitchen - especially for various soups, such as broth, tomato or vegetable. Parsley is also great as a main ingredient of creams and pesto. It can be also combined with fish, as well as meat - it delicately emphasizes the taste of these dishes. Due to a number of valuable nutritional and health properties, very often parsley is used in green cocktails, which have recently enjoyed great popularity. Parsley can also be used as a garnish for many dishes, such as salads.

It is also a good source of vitamin C, which is essential for the health and well-being of the body. It is also a good source of vitamin C, which is used in the manufacture of vegetables such as garlic, onion and leek.


The great advantage of parsley is the fact that it can be safely dried and frozen. It can also be used in the kitchen during the winter, when access to it is somewhat limited.

The reason for using parsley regularly in the home is that it is a very cheap and accessible product. It can also be grown in a pot at home - it has no special requirements, just a sunny place and regular access to water.

Parsley is perfect as an addition to many dishes. You can prepare on its basis parsley cocktail, which will add energy and vitality, and is a real vitamin bomb. Parsley also works well in dishes prepared for lunch - our proposal includes a salad with zucchini and aromatic parsley. When preparing dinner you can add parsley to cod or other favourite fish or shrimps and sprinkle it on boiled or baked potatoes. For people who are on a vegetarian diet pulpets from lentils are recommended - parsley, which can be added to it is a very valuable source of many vitamins and nutrients and helps people on a diet to properly balance all the necessary macro- and microelements for the proper functioning of the body. All this suggests that it is certainly worth including parsley in your menu and add it to prepared meals.

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