Meat French: Recipe

Meat French: Recipe

French the pork loin for dinner. The recipe for this dish is also known as "Orlovsky". Such a Russian-French name is not accidental. This exquisite treat was created by Count Orlov's chef - the Frenchman W. Dubois. Since then, the appetizing meat has become the property of two cuisines and hasn't lost its popularity for centuries.

The most tender French-style meat is cooked in the oven. The recipe often involves boneless pork loin, bacon loin or sirloin. Beef chops or chicken fillet can also be used. A classic combination of onion and cheese, mushrooms, potatoes and peppers are added as a filling. Each product adds flavor, but also increases nutrition and calories.

French-style meat

Each recipe has its own subtleties that make the dish taste better than the others. We'll tell you how to prepare meat à la française so that in your version it will be simply unparalleled. Follow all the cooking tips to learn the secret tricks.


  • 800 gr. pork loin;
  • 2 onions;
  • Salt, pepper;
  • 100 ml. sour cream (or mayonnaise);
  • 240g. butter;
  • 250 gr. hard cheese;
  • 1 tbsp. vegetable oil.
French meatHow

to cook:

  1. Divide pork loin into 4 portions of 200 grams each.
  2. Place 2 meat pieces on a board for French meat. The recipe with step-by-step cooking photos is better to perform with food film. Cover the meat with a layer of clingfilm, baste it with a kitchen hammer. The thickness should be about 3-5 mm.
  3. Prepare a tray: cover with parchment paper. Spoon some oil evenly over the surface. Place 2 slices battered on a baking tray.
  4. Beat 2 remaining slices in a similar manner. Place them on a baking tray next to the previous ones.
  5. Salt and pepper the French meat. A classic recipe will be made with a minimum of spices. However, if you prefer certain herbs, add them to taste.
  6. Peel the onion, cut it into thin half rings. Since raw onions have no time to bake, fry them. But it is better to repeat the secret method: pour the shredded semi-rings with boiling water and leave for 5 minutes. Then drain the water and squeeze.
  7. Grate the cheese on a coarse grater. Use a variety that will cook meat French in the oven with a delicious crust. From those available in most stores: Swiss, Radomer, Emmental.
  8. Proceed to form the dish. Put a secret ingredient on each slice - 20-30 grams of butter. During baking the butter will spread over the meat, adding softness and a delicate creamy flavor to it.
  9. Spread a pinch of onion on the butter. Spread all of the onions evenly over the French meat in the portions. The recipe with the photo is prepared right away with the cheese. Divide grated cheese evenly over portions all over.
  10. Pour a thin drizzle of sour cream, cream-based sauce or mayonnaise over the cheese. This is necessary to form a delicious crust of a nice color.
  11. Bake the dish in a preheated 180 degrees oven. Thin meat will bake in 30-40 minutes. The readiness can be noticed by the beautiful crust formed.

Beef meat French with mushrooms

Meat baked under a tender cheese coat is a win-win option for any dinner. And what if you mix up the creamy aftertaste with mushrooms? You'll have a wonderful French-style meat. The step-by-step recipe with minute details will be a faithful helper for beginners.


  • 500 gr. beef loin;
  • 300 gr. onions;
  • 200 ml. sour cream sauce or mayonnaise;
  • 200 g. mushrooms;
  • 200 g. butter;
  • Salt, pepper to taste;
  • 200 g. hard cheese.
Beef meat French with mushroomsHow

to cook:

  1. Wash the mushrooms and cut into thin slices.
  2. Peel and wash onion and cut into thin slices. Recipe for French-style meat, starting with the stuffing so that it has time to cool.
  3. Heat a frying pan with a little butter. Add the mushrooms, then half of the chopped onion. Put the lid on, cooking it until the moisture has dissolved. You don't have to stir repeatedly. When the moisture has evaporated, transfer the mushrooms and onions to a bowl and leave to cool.
  4. Slice the sirloin across the grain. Be about 1 cm thick.
  5. Beat the slices evenly on the French meat with a hammer. In the oven classic recipe
  6. Bake quickly if the thickness is reduced to 0.5 mm. Before chopping, you can cover the meat with clingfilm. It will protect against splattering and keep the surfaces clean.
  7. Season with salt and pepper and stack the slices for a few minutes.
  8. Meanwhile, turn on the oven to 190 degrees and line a baking tray with parchment.
  9. Place a layer of raw onions on the parchment.
  10. On top of the onions, place a layer of meat. Stack each slice neatly with a little indentation.
  11. Place about 20g of butter on top of each portion before preparing the meat to be French fried.
  12. Spread the mushroom filling on top of the butter. Spread all the stuffing evenly over the portions.
  13. Grate the cheese and sprinkle it over the mushroom filling.
  14. Pour mayonnaise or sour cream thinly over the cheese.
  15. Bake for 30 to 40 minutes.

Chicken Fillet French Meat

The chicken fillet makes tender meat à la française. Step by step recipe with photos is easy to prepare. But the main thing is not to overdo it in the oven, otherwise the meat will turn out dry and significantly reduce in size. We suggest repeating the recipe with the addition of sweet peppers. They will add a simply stunning flavor to the dish. If you do not like this vegetable, replace it with tomatoes. With them, the dish comes out no less incomparable.


  • 3 chicken fillets;
  • 3 onions;
  • 200-250 gr. hard cheese;
  • 2 sweet peppers;
  • Salt, pepper;
  • 200 gr. butter;
  • 200g. mayonnaise or sour cream.
Chicken fillet french meatHow

to cook:

  1. Before you prepare the French-style meat, the recipe starts with the vegetables. Peel the onions and sweet peppers. Wash vegetables, cut peppers in julienne and onions in half rings.
  2. Heat a frying pan with a little butter. Sauté peppers and onions lightly, don't let them burn. Cook until soft.
  3. Rinse chicken fillet, blot with napkins.
  4. Separate small fillet, cut into portions large portion. From one fillet you get 5-6 portions.
  5. To make the recipe for cooking meat French in the oven fast, turn on the preheat. It is enough to heat to a temperature of 180 degrees.
  6. Place the portions on a cutting board, cover with foil and beat off with a kitchen hammer. It is better to use a wooden one. If it's a metal one, try to give it a lighter beating.
  7. Place the fillets on a baking tray lined with parchment paper and soaked in oil. Salt and pepper the portions. Add turmeric if you want spicier French-style meat. Continue the recipe step by step with the filling. Put a small piece of butter on each portion.
  8. Spread the onion and pepper stuffing over each portion. Grate cheese and sprinkle over vegetable layer.
  9. Pour a thin layer of mayonnaise on top of the cheese.
  10. Bake for 30 minutes, serve hot.

A pronounced baked crust makes the French-style meat more appetizing. The most delicious recipe is easy to make by adding just 1-2 eggs. This filling is prepared simply: whisk 2 eggs, add 150 ml. of sour cream, whisk until as homogeneous as possible. Add grated cheese to the egg and sour cream mixture and mix the ingredients. Using a tablespoon, spread the mixture onto each portion of meat. Carefully spread it over the whole area of the slice, put it to bake.

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