Light diet for summer - what to eat when the weather gets hot?

Light diet for summer - what to eat when the weather gets hot?

Phew, how hot it is! Summer is in full swing, but you find it hard to motivate yourself to daily activities because you feel heavy and sluggish? You don't feel like eating, so you skip some meals... Stop! This way you only loop yourself into the spiral of vacation laziness, and yet this time can be used much more interesting. Find out what your summer diet should consist of. With the right food you will feel light and regain the will to act! How to do it? Dietitians Nice To Fit You suggest.

From the text you will learn:

  1. what to eat for dinner on hot days,
  2. What ingredients should not be included in a light diet for the summer,
  3. what kind of boxed diet to choose in order to eat light, healthy and choose what you like.

Do you pay attention to the seasonality of your diet? According to nutritionists, what you eat in the summer should be different from the menu for the colder seasons. Lighter dishes composed of seasonal products are therefore the best choice for hot weather.

Dinner for summer and other meals - what products to reach for?

Whether it is autumn, winter, spring or summer, regular meals are the key to healthy eating. Thanks to them, the body gets into a good rhythm and does not stockpile ingredients that could later accumulate in the form of excessive body fat. Wondering what to eat in the summer when high temperatures make you feel like eating nothing? Fortunately it is not the case that only low-calorie meals are good in hot weather. So what to eat when the heat is pouring from the sky?

Take inspiration from, for example, Mediterranean cuisine. Such dishes as pasta with tomato sauce, risotto with seafood, all kinds of grilled and raw vegetables or salads are perfect as summer dinners. Limit meat, but don't give it up completely: 2-3 times a week will successfully suffice. Dairy products, such as oatmeal, are good for breakfast.

And most importantly: reach for fruit and vegetables regardless of the time of day. Summer is full of seasonal benefits - make the most of them! You will gain not only a good mood after a light meal, but also a lot of vitamins. In the summer season in your menu include, among others

  1. cucumbers - they contain few calories and are great for hydration - make a cucumber salad with natural yoghurt or simply put them on your sandwiches,
  2. blueberries - have a great effect on the digestive system and digestive processes, they also strengthen eyesight and are perfect as an addition to healthy sweet desserts,
  3. currants - contain pectin, which supports intestinal function and improves peristalsis; they are also rich in vitamin C, so they have a beneficial effect on immunity and help prevent atherosclerosis - they are perfect as an addition to desserts or morning porridge
  4. beets - have a great effect on the metabolism and contain a lot of beneficial fibre - make a traditional soup or modern veggie cutlets
  5. green beans - have a lot of folic acid, which is why they are recommended for pregnant women, in addition, their low glycemic index makes them a great product in the diet of diabetics - they work well as an addition to a dinner, e.g. instead of a salad.

As part of your summer diet don't forget about water either! You should drink at least 1.5-2 liters a day - and during hot weather even more.

Summer diet - what to avoid?

To feel good in summer, limit your intake of sugar, salt and fat. Avoid heavy meals and high-calorie snacks - they make you feel sluggish and tired, but you could be living life to the full and making the most of the good weather!

Also give up foods that lose their freshness quickly. Cakes with cream or sweet drinks left even for a few hours in the heat create ideal conditions for bacterial growth.

Summer diet - perfect menu thanks to diet catering

Do you have no head for planning menus for the next days? At the mere thought of a morning visit to the market you immediately become sleepy? Today's pace of life usually makes that on working days you don't have time to prepare meals, while on vacations... you don't feel like it. That is why you should consider ordering the box diet from Nice To Fit You. Why exactly this one?

NTFY diet catering is distinguished by the possibility of free menu choice. This means that as part of your order you choose your base diet - e.g. Veggy, if you want to limit eating meat in the summer. But your decision doesn't mean you have to eat only plant-based diet dishes all the time. Each day in your customer panel, you can freely choose the meals that come to you - so if you're set on limiting meat, but want to have a meat dinner 2 times a week, there's nothing stopping you. Mix and match meals to your heart's content!

Each of the five diets you can choose as a base is different, but they all have one thing in common - TFY dietitians always care about the variety and seasonality of the products they use. Therefore, in the summer you are sure to eat exactly what is best for your body at this time of year.

Decide on a box diet and make your life easier! After all, summer is so short that it would be a shame to spend it in the kitchen.

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