Lenten holiday table

Lenten holiday table

Appetizingly prepared Lenten dishes for the holiday table will allow you to celebrate the family celebration with dignity and taste. Delicious hot dishes and cold appetizers, served in elegant dishes with luxurious decoration, will help to make a pleasant impression on the guests and those present.

Correctly chosen recipes for Lenten dishes for the holiday table contribute to a variety of diet and improve the health of the body. Vegetarian food helps rid the body, improves metabolism and most importantly contains the necessary vitamins and minerals. After the feast, you and your loved ones will feel easy and comfortable, there will be no discomfort and flatulence, which often occurs after a friendly get-together.

Recipes for festive Lenten appetizers and salads with photos

Original and delicious Lenten dishes are able to decorate any holiday table in a special way. They will help you to proudly meet guests and loved ones, holding a generous and delicious feast on any occasion. Correctly selected diet of natural products and ingredients will make your joint holiday bright and healthy. All will be able to appreciate your talents and the magic of culinary skill.


Canapes with cheese and olives: cooking recipeRequire

olives, cheese, bread, beans, garlic, cucumber, salt and pepper to taste. For decoration and easy serving of the appetizer you need to buy toothpicks or skewers, on which you need to string the cut ingredients one by one. The appetizer is usually served on a plate and decorated with lettuce leaves.


Recipe for tartlets with sun-dried

tomatoesTartlets, sun-dried tomatoes, sweet peppers, zucchini, salad leaves, garlic, peppers and cooking oil are used


prepare them. The filling of the baskets can be very diverse, depending on your personal preferences and the wishes of your guests. Many people like roasted vegetables and mushrooms. When serving, they are supplemented with greenery.

Shrimp salad

Recipe for cooking salad with shrimp and bell peppersEnergetic

and complete cold appetizer. Includes shrimp, bell peppers, cucumber and olive oil. Beautiful and bright salad will diversify the Lenten holiday table for a birthday or milestone. This nourishing dish with seafood flavor will make you feel good and cheer you up.

Monastery salad

Salad "Monastery" with fresh cucumber: cooking recipeA delicious

treat for those who watch out for their health. The composition of the salad includes fresh cucumber, white cabbage, bell pepper, herbs, salt and sugar are added to taste. The finished dish is distinguished by its elegant execution and piquancy.

Christmas" Salad

Salad "Christmas" with pickled mushrooms: recipeAn amazing

dish on the eve of holiday events. It consists of pickled mushrooms - 250 grams, sauerkraut - 250 grams, pickled cucumbers - 3 pieces, sweet peppers - 2 pieces, 2 garlic cloves. Lenten oil, salt and pepper are added to taste. Delicious Lenten salad for the winter season, which will decorate any table.

Recipes for main Lenten dishes for festive table

Vegetable soup

A delicious hot dish for true fans of vegetarian treats.

Vegetable soup with cabbage and apple: cooking recipeEngredients


200-250 grams of finely shredded cabbage;

2 medium apples;

1 grated carrot;

2 small onions;

Root of parsley and celery;

2 slices of rutabaga;

Garlic clove;

Laurel leaf;

Salt, sugar to taste.

Cooking steps

First, you need to fry the onion in vegetable oil along with parsley and celery. Then pour a small amount of water and in the resulting mass add carrots, rutabaga and cabbage. Boil the soup for no more than 20 minutes. In the middle of cooking it is necessary to add crushed garlic, grated apple and spices. Use the greens as a decoration when serving.

Squid stuffed with buckwheat and mushrooms

Stuffed calamari with mushrooms: cooking recipeIngredients


10 large squid carcasses;

1 packet of quick buckwheat;

1.5 medium onions;

150 grams of mushrooms;

Vegetable oil;

Salt and pepper.

Preparation steps

First, it is necessary to wash and well clean the calamari from the film and inner plates. In parallel, you will need to fry the onion in vegetable oil and add chopped mushrooms to it. At this time, also put buckwheat on the fire in accordance with the instructions. After cooking, mix it with onions, mushrooms and spices and mix well.

At the final stage, fill the squid carcasses with the obtained consistency, the holes can be secured with toothpicks. Bake them in an oven at 180-200 degrees for 7-9 minutes. When serving the ready dish you can decorate it with greens, tomatoes and lettuce leaves.

If you want to make a holiday Lenten table without fish, you can prepare a great dish of vegetables - a delicious Ratatouille. For this you will need 2 eggplants, 3 sweet peppers, 1 onion, 4-6 tomatoes, 2 cloves of garlic, a little vinegar, a quarter cup of olive oil, dried herbs and spices, salt and pepper to taste.

Wash the vegetables, cut them into pieces and bake in the oven. Bake the vegetables together in layers, or bake them separately and then cut into pieces. After cooking, you can create a single "hamburger" by alternating them in layers. The delicious dish will help to impress your guests and leave a pleasant impression of your celebration.

Original Lenten recipes for the holiday table with photos will allow you to evaluate the design of each dish and make the right choice. Discover limitless possibilities with our recipes for the Lenten holiday table!

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