Latte macchiato and mocha - perfect proportions in capsules

Latte macchiato and mocha - perfect proportions in capsules

Coffee has more than one name. If you are a fan of more subtle taste notes and you are not fond of classic and strong espresso, you should reach for milk coffees, such as latte macchiato, which are very popular in our country. For gourmets on the other hand, we recommend mocha coffee, which is a successful combination of coffee and chocolate.

A popular and effective milk coffee - latte macchiato

Latte macchiato is a milk coffee whose name means "splashed milk" in Italian. This is significant because there is definitely more milk than coffee in this drink. The word "latte" itself means milk, so when you order such a drink in an Italian café, you risk being served a glass of milk instead of milk coffee.

Latte macchiato is an impressive coffee due to its three-layered character. It is prepared with a portion of frothed milk and espresso. The most important thing here is the "macchia", the speck of coffee on the surface of the fluffy, milky foam, which can be seen in the place where the espresso was poured into the milk. This is the basic version of a latte macchiato, but this coffee has many other variations, including flavor variations. Different toppings are also added to it, resulting in a gingerbread latte, a vanilla latte or a cinnamon latte. A latte macchiato should have hot, fluid milk at the bottom of a slender glass, with espresso in the middle and milk foam at the top.

Mocha for coffee and chocolate lovers

When you can't decide whether to drink a strong, energetic, intense coffee that awakens the senses or to let yourself be carried away by the sweet notes of chocolate, it's worth considering mocha coffee.

Interestingly, it is often referred to as "mocha" or "moka". A mocha, for example, is not a coffee but a coffee brewing device, also known as a makinette, cafetiere or coffee maker. It takes the form of a jug that uses heat-generated pressure to push water through a ground layer of coffee. In this way, it is possible to extract an essenceful brew.

A mocha, on the other hand, is a type of coffee drink based on a shot of espresso with the addition of chocolate and milk. We can say that it is a variation of latte macchiato. To coffee with milk foam is added chocolate in the form of sweet cocoa powder, chocolate syrup or dark or white chocolate. There are many alternative ways to prepare mocha coffee, but it must always contain chocolate.

The name mocha coffee comes from the city of Mokka in Yemen, where there is a port where coffee beans with a characteristic chocolate flavor were exported as early as the 15th century.
Mocha coffee and latte macchiato straight from the capsule

Making a three-layer latte macchiato or a chocolate mocha can be tricky if you're not yet familiar with the barista's rules of coffee brewing. But we don't have to waste our time. Just reach for the capsules with the right kind of coffee for you. For example, the manufacturer of coffee machines and coffee in capsules NESCAFÉ® Dolce Gusto® offers more than 30 different types of coffee such as mocha. When you buy such coffee, you get two types of capsules. One contains a mixture of coffee and chocolate and the other milk, so you can prepare 8 mocha drinks without having to measure the proportions manually. The same goes for latte macchiato coffee capsules - we have capsules with milk powder and espresso. Just place them in the capsule machine one after the other, and the result is a three-layer delicious coffee.

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