Ideas for delicious and interesting breakfasts

Ideas for delicious and interesting breakfasts

Are you bored with classic sandwiches and want something different for breakfast? Or maybe your family rebelled against the boring cereal with milk and asked the best home chef to diversify the menu? See what dishes will change your daily menu. Make delicious and popular breakfasts using the appliances you have at home or buy new ones.

Sweet or savoury sandwiches

There probably isn't a person who doesn't know what sandwiches are. Hot baked sandwiches are universally loved for their crunch and toppings: stringy cream cheese, warm meat, and flavor-enhancing mushrooms. Due to the speed of preparation and the uncomplicated recipe toaster will prove useful in the home of any, even the most inexperienced cook. Just have toasted bread (or regular), cheese (or melted) and your favorite additions: herbs, ham, mushrooms, tomatoes, capers.

But sandwiches work just as well sweet! Look online to see how delicious toasted peanut butter, Nutella and banana or homemade jams look. You can also make a mixed version, such as including chicken pieces and pineapple with the cheese.

Delicious breakfast ideas

Crispy toasts for a good morning

Croutons, called toast by some, are a great base to make a healthy and nutritious breakfast, but with a variety compared to regular sandwiches. On warm bread lightly spread cheese or soft-boiled egg. Croutons work well smeared with butter and decorated with seasonal vegetables: tomatoes, cucumbers, radishes, sprouts. It is also worth cutting croutons into two triangles to scoop cottage cheese or cheese, thus resigning from the dirtiness of cutlery.

If you want to prepare visually attractive toasts for your children, use vegetables to make eyes, smile or moustache. You can make boats out of eggs. Tomatoes will become toadstool hats, and dots of mayonnaise or natural yogurt will put the finishing touches on them.

delicious breakfasts

Energetic homemade oatmeal

The more nutrients released slowly, the longer you and your loved ones will stay feeling satiated. In addition, a healthy meal will give you more energy and provide minerals and vitamins. One popular breakfast food that meets these requirements is oatmeal.

You can prepare oatmeal with water or milk: traditional or plant-based. Boil the liquid in a regular pot or a pot designed for milk. The latter not only has a convenient spout for pouring the milk into a bowl, but also features a design that prevents burning and boiling. After the meal is done, you won't have to scrape the dish to clean it.

What to serve nutritious oatmeal with? The inspirations are endless. First of all, you should reach for seasonal fruits, which will make the dish sweeter. If that's still not enough, spice it up with honey or maple syrup. Nuts, almonds and dried bananas or apples will work great as crunchy elements. Chocolate lovers can sink a few cubes of their favorite bar. Of course, dark is the most beneficial for health.

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