How to make hummus?

How to make hummus?

Chickpea paste is a very delicious dish, which is why many people choose to prepare it. However, you should keep in mind that preparing the right paste is a difficult task. You should try to get a velvety texture of the paste, but also take care of its distinct taste. Such a paste can be eaten on its own, but it can also be spread on bread. Of course, the paste can also be as a dip, which is attached to crunchy snacks. Successfully making hummus requires the right commitment, so not everyone is able to successfully cope with it.

How can you create hummus from chickpeas?

To create hummus from chickpeas, you will need many ingredients such as:

  • garlic,
  • chickpeas,
  • tahini paste,
  • ground romaine cumin,
  • harissa paste,
  • cilantro,
  • Vegetable frame,
  • lemon,
  • pita bread,
  • shelled almonds,
  • chili pepper,
  • linden honey

how to make hummus?

How to prepare hummus from chickpeas?

Preparing hummus from chickpeas takes some time, but by properly engaging in the various steps, you can achieve complete success in this regard. Here is how to prepare hummus:

  • you should start by soaking the chickpeas. It is best to set it aside in water overnight. This will make it very soft,
  • then boil the chickpeas, of course, before that you should drain and rinse them. You should put the beans in boiling water, then you can reduce the heat a little and cook the chickpeas under the lid. Finish cooking the chickpeas when the beans are tender. Then you will get a creamy texture. Cooking time is 1.5 hours,
  • the next step is to thoroughly mix all the ingredients. Chickpeas should be mixed with garlic, but also sesame paste and chilli. Coriander and lemon can be added to all this,
  • The water in which the chickpeas have been cooked can be added to the mixture.

Hummus should be eaten with pita. You can grease the pita on both sides, preferably with Rama vegetable margarine. Then you can also fry the pita and serve the whole thing hot. Hummus can also be eaten with caramelized almonds, and you can also add hot peppers to it. If you want, you can also add many other additives to the hummus, it can be sesame, cumin, or herbs and oil. Many recipes can be obtained from the web, so you can prepare the perfect hummus for yourself and for your whole family. Using the aforementioned recipe will prove to be a hit, as you will be able to try something new. As you can clearly see, hummus can be prepared with many additives, depending on what you like to eat this dish with. Everyone has their own culinary preferences that they stick to and this is beyond your control.

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