How to lose weight in a healthy way? Golden rules for a weight-loss diet

How to lose weight in a healthy way? Golden rules for a weight-loss diet

Losing weight in a few steps is one of the 5 basic principles of weight loss called the 5Us. These golden methods will effectively contribute to weight reduction and improved well-being.

No diet is as effective as the implementation of healthy eating recommendations, which, along with limiting food intake, is one of the basic standards that bring about weight loss.

  1. Variety - The daily menu should be composed using products from each of the groups contained in the Pyramid of Healthy Eating. Thanks to this we will provide the body with all the necessary nutrients. Meals should be as varied as possible and consist of diverse, unprocessed ingredients. The basis of each meal should be vegetables and fruit. It is also important to include whole grain cereals, low-fat dairy products and adequate amounts of protein from meat, fish and eggs or legumes.
  2. Moderation - When losing weight, the size of the portions you put on your plate also matters. They should be slightly smaller than the ones we ate before. The only thing we don't have to limit is really - vegetables.

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  3. Regulate your meals - You should eat 4-5 meals regularly throughout the day. Breakfast should be eaten immediately after waking up and dinner is best eaten at least 2-3 hours before bedtime. Irregular eating promotes slower basal metabolism and fat accumulation. People who eat irregularly are also more likely to eat sweets and have attacks of "ravenous hunger".
  4. Avoidance - Products that promote weight gain and thus interfere with the weight loss process should be excluded from the daily diet. The products to avoid include those high in simple sugars like drinks and sweets, as well as those high in fats and salt. For this reason, you need to give up most fast food dishes as most of them are just empty calorie bombs that do not offer much nutritional value to the body.
  5. Exercise - Without physical activity, no weight loss treatment has a chance to work. It is recommended to practice a moderate intensity sport (brisk walking, cycling swimming) for at least 60 minutes every day or at least 30 minutes of intense aerobics. The type of physical activity should be selected according to the preference and health of the slimming person. Sport is health, and any increase in physical activity levels is beneficial for weight reduction.

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