How to cook bigos?

How to cook bigos?

There is probably no Pole who would not like sauerkraut. The best is of course to make bigos from it. We do not need many ingredients. Just young or sauerkraut, a lot of meat and spices. All this, mixed together, will create an excellent, appetizing dish, which is one of the traditional Polish dishes.

How to cook bigos - step by step

Preparing bigos is quite a time-consuming activity, however thanks to the following advice it will turn out to be really simple. Let us check how to cook bigos!

The first step is to prepare cabbage: choose young, sauerkraut or mixed one. The former should be washed under running water to get rid of the impurities. It's best not to rinse sauerkraut in any way, because it will lose much of its flavor. Regardless of the type, cabbage should be chopped into smaller pieces and put into a pot. Add bay leaves and allspice and cook it until it is soft.

As far as accessories are concerned, meat is a must. Preferably in large quantities. The best would be sausage, diced bacon and beef. Before adding meat to the cabbage, it is best to fry it and season strongly. Vegetables such as carrots, onions or tomatoes are also a good addition. Dried forest mushrooms are also great, as they will add flavour to the dish. It is also customary to add smoked prunes to the dish. At the very end of cooking you can also add a bit of tomato puree, which will give our bigos an attractive color and make it taste much better.

how to cook bigos?

All the ingredients should be mixed in a large pot. The whole cook so that all the flavors bind together. The more often you heat and cool bigos, its taste will be better.

Tip: Bigos from young cabbage is prepared much faster, because after about an hour it will be ready for consumption.

It should be remembered that bigos should be very thick. Otherwise you will get just an ordinary cabbage soup.

Bigos can be served with any additions. It tastes great on its own, but even better when served with a crusty wholemeal roll or a slice of bread.

Bigos can be stored for a very long time. This dish tastes best after a few days, when all the flavours have been thoroughly combined. Please note that it should be stored in the fridge once it has cooled down. There is no obstacle to freezing it. In this form, you can store it for up to six months.

These tips will certainly help answer the question of how to prepare bigos. And now spoons in hand and get to work!

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