Georgian pkhali : recipes with photo

Georgian pkhali : recipes with photo

There are many amazing dishes in Georgian cuisine. An incredibly light vegetable cold snack with the mysterious name "pkhali" is nothing other than leafy cabbage (in translation).

What is it made of? We offer to evaluate several recipes for Georgian-style pkhali (with photos). The basis of the dish is a variety of vegetables, the taste of which is complemented and enhanced by fresh and fragrant greens. These can be eggplants, cabbage, pumpkin, spinach, green beans or any other beans, cauliflower or carrot as well as other vegetables which are often used as a base for this famous Georgian snack.

Special piquancy and piquancy of the dish is the merit of an unusual dressing based on walnuts, a variety of fragrant spices, fresh and dried herbs.

What spices are used for this dish? Humeli suneli, aromatic coriander and hot chili pepper. As for greens, cilantro and dill are the most common. But any other variations and combinations you like are possible.

Beetroot, spinach and green beans in a mixed bag

Variety of pkhali

To prepare this dish you need the following ingredients

  • 200g each of walnuts, beetroot and green beans (fresh or frozen can be used);
  • A big bundle of fresh spinach and a bunch of coriander;
  • 1 red hot pepper;
  • A head of garlic;
  • 1 Tbsp salt;
  • Coriander.

Step 1: Preparing the dressing

  1. We start preparing the appetizer by preparing the spicy dressing. To grind all the ingredients we use a blender. First peel the garlic, wash it and let it dry, then cut the large cloves into pieces.
  2. Wash hot peppers, then carefully remove all the seeds, which contain the maximum spice. Then chop the pepper as finely as possible.
  3. Wash the herbs. The cilantro should be well dried, in order to minimize the amount of moisture in the ready dressing. Then chop the greens and put them in the bowl of a blender. Add the rest of the ingredients for the dressing: peeled walnuts, garlic, hot pepper and spicy coriander. Pretty quickly the dressing becomes a homogeneous consistency, then it can be transferred from the blender to a dry bowl and sealed tightly. The ready pkhali dressing can be stored in the refrigerator for 2-3 days.

Step 2: Beetroot pkhali

Beetroot pkhali
  1. Prepare beetroot to prepare pkhali. Wash them thoroughly and then put them in a pot of water which has already boiled. The time for boiling the beets is about 40 minutes. Readiness can be checked with a knife. While the beets are boiling, it is not recommended to salt the water so that the boiled beets do not become too hard.
  2. When the beetroots cool down, cut them into small pieces and chop in a blender to a pulpy consistency. The obtained homogeneous mass further will be used to form balls of pkhali with dressing.

Step 3: Spinach pkhali

Spinach pkhali
  1. For spinach pkhali, it is necessary to make a billet. After the ripe spinach is washed and re-peeled, its leaves are separated from the stems and cut into pieces if necessary. Submerge spinach leaves in boiling water with some salt and boil for 5 minutes. Boiled leaves remove with a slotted spoon and place in a pan with ice water (pre-cooked). This will save a beautiful color of leaves.
  2. Next, squeeze the spinach leaves to remove excess water. After that, we transfer spinach to a blender and grind until pureed.

Step 4: Chilli Bean Bhali

Chilli bean pkhali
  1. To make pkhali from string beans, boil them beforehand. Before placing the beans in boiling salted water, wash them in hot water. Cooking time depends on what kind of beans you use. Fresh pods will be ready in just 4-5 minutes, frozen is better to boil about 6-7 minutes.
  2. When the beans are ready, we throw them on a colander and drop them into ice water. Next, remove excess moisture, dry a little and grind with a blender to a smooth consistency.

Step 5: assemble the dish

  1. So, we have three homogeneous masses: from beets, from spinach and from string beans. The ready dressing is divided into three parts, then we add it in turn to the prepared vegetables, mix thoroughly.
  2. Shape the pkhali of beetroot, spinach and beans with the dressing. The balls about the size of a walnut should be equal in size.
  3. Put the ready snack on a big dish lined with salad leaves. Decorate with the coriander.

Pomegranate seeds are used to serve this dish in the restaurant, which makes the appetizer especially festive and emphasizes the color and character of the dish. Sometimes pomegranate seeds are added to the mass itself to form balls, which makes the snack taste especially juicy and original.

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