Everything you need to know about a high protein diet

Everything you need to know about a high protein diet

Weight loss diets are a big challenge for your body and psyche. Is a high protein diet a good choice?

What is a high protein diet?

High protein diet is the so-called high-protein diet, which involves increasing protein in the diet, while limiting fats and carbohydrates. Increasing protein is beneficial for muscle building and causes fat reduction. With a protein diet, metabolism is increased, resulting in weight loss. Protein diet should not be followed for a very long time as it can cause loss of health.

What you can eat on a high protein diet

On a high-protein diet you must eat mainly protein products such as natural yogurt, egg whites, kefir, cottage cheese, cottage cheese, lean meat from turkey or chicken. Complement products high in protein should be vegetables and fruits with low sugar content. During the diet you should remember to drink plenty of water, so as not to lead to acidification of the body, which can result in kidney disease.

What are the rules of a high-protein diet

The average daily norm for an adult is about 1 gram per kilogram of body weight. During the diet, physical activity is indispensable, because consuming a large amount of protein without activity will not turn into muscle mass, but will deposit as fat and weaken muscle strength. Sample menus for the right amount of protein can be found on the Internet or you can use the help of a dietician, who will determine the right diet for you.

For whom are high-protein diets good?

Protein diet is recommended mainly for people who lead an active lifestyle, such as athletes or regular gym-goers. People who lead a sedentary lifestyle should not choose this diet, because the high-protein products they consume will turn into fat tissue. The diet should not be used by people who have kidney disease, because it can contribute to the deterioration of health.

Dukan diet - is it a good choice

The Dukan diet is the most popular diet among protein diets. The premise of the diet is to eat meals with a lot of protein. There are no restrictions on the amount of food in the diet, but it must be products recommended only for this diet. The whole diet consists of four stages, which assume to achieve the desired goal. Protein-rich diet helps to regenerate muscle tissue and get rid of excess weight from the body.

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