Durum wheat

Durum wheat is a toughie among foods. There are no compromises with it. Bred in the Middle East, China or Africa, it knows the hot climate well. Thanks to it you do not have to give up pasta when you are on a weight loss diet. However, this is only the beginning of its possibilities. This text will give you a better understanding of durum wheat.

This wheat is ideal for special tasks. The flour made from it, called semolina, is richer in protein, vitamins and minerals than regular flour. It is commonly used to make pasta. Dough made with semolina is less elastic and therefore easier to shape. It is made of vitreous grains and therefore absorbs little water, and pasta is more difficult to overcook. Preparing them al dente does not require attention and standing at the stove.

You will probably not be surprised that another name for it is pasta wheat. You don't have to give up pasta to lose weight, as long as you choose the right product and don't pour fatty sauce over it. Durum wheat dishes are terribly filling, and served with vegetables such as tomato or bell bell pepper, they are a great alternative to fast food.
Semolina will also allow you to show off your skills. It makes it easier to bake pizza or tortilla pancakes. When you add it to the dough, you will be surprised how crispy it will be. It is also suitable for thickening sauces, puddings or leguminous. Nothing is impossible with it. It also makes couscous, which is trivial to prepare and versatile, and with meat and vegetables will make a great, sumptuous dish.

Did you know that ...
  • ... the cooking time of pasta affects its glycemic index?
  • The shorter you cook pasta, the better. However, if you cook pasta from this wheat for even 20 minutes ot this index will be 58. When you reduce this time to 12 minutes, it will be only 34. Remember, the shorter the healthier. Al dente is the best.
  • .... Wheat pasta contains lutein which our body is not able to produce on its own. Therefore it is very important to supply it to our body with food.... there are about 30 species of wheat. Besides barley it is the oldest cultivated cereal. It is also the third most produced cereal, after corn and rice.

Time for inspiration!

If pasta is firmer and bright yellow it must be durum. Although it's healthier, that doesn't mean it's more complicated. With it, you don't have to worry about time. Chicken spaghetti is only a few minutes. If you have more time you can make cannelloni with salmon, olives or capers.

If you are still worried about your waistline you can always opt for tabbouleh salad, which will be a great light dish or a good starter with meat. Maybe you should put it on your Christmas table instead of classic vegetable and mayonnaise salad? It is also thanks to semolina that meatballs in Bolognese sauce have their texture. If you are looking for a spicy experience you will be interested in couscous with spicy vegetables. You can discover all these dishes thanks to this unusual wheat. What are you waiting for? Try it!

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