Colorful, sweet and delightful - how to serve desserts that almost no one can resist?

Colorful, sweet and delightful - how to serve desserts that almost no one can resist?

Desserts should not only be tasty, but also impressive. To delight the family and loved ones it is worth preparing colorful delicacies in a special setting. Explore some interesting inspirations and tips that can help you prepare desserts surprising in taste and appearance!

Fruit pudding appetizers

Usually at meetings in the circle of loved ones we serve hors d'oeuvres in a dry version. However it is worth to experiment a bit and serve sweet appetizers made of your favorite fruit. These can be both seasonal and exotic fruits. The important thing is to make it colorful and impressive! Preparing toothpick appetizers is extremely simple. You can use red and green grapes, strawberries, kiwi, mango or pineapple. Grapes can be stuffed whole, while other fruits can be cut, for example into cubes. The dessert will look great with pieces of fruit of the same size. But that's not all - you should also use a thick pudding, such as WINIARY cream pudding. In combination with gelatin it will solidify properly - then you can divide it into squares and stuff on skewers with fruit. Excellent effect guaranteed!

Cold cheesecakes with strawberries

Or maybe you are looking for an idea for a dessert that will mark a special occasion? Snacks for birthdays or family parties can be served in an unusual way. Instead of traditional cheesecake, you may decide to prepare mini cheesecakes served in jars. When preparing this dessert, you can create several colorful layers, which will look beautiful in a transparent dish. Just put the sponge cakes on the very bottom, then the cottage cheese mixture, and on top put jelly with your favorite fruit. This can be strawberry jelly with small pieces of strawberries or a jelly "sprinkle" created with jellies in several different colors. Each portion of the cheesecake will be in a separate jar, which can also be tied with a ribbon.

Rainbow Jell-O Cake

A variety of colors of jellies, which we can find on store shelves make us reach for this product, wanting to prepare surprising desserts. One of them can be a classic cake with jelly - it is definitely very impressive and tasty. To make it look even more delicious you can use several jellies in different colors, layered with traditional sponge cake. This way we get a phenomenal rainbow cake, which will look beautiful on the table. It is worth using berry, gooseberry, lemon, orange and strawberry jelly to make our cake with jelly look fabulous. The cake can also be topped with a thick cream prepared from cream and mascarpone and your favorite fruit.

Tart with pudding, fruit and jelly

What other snacks are worth preparing for a birthday or a party? A colorful and sweet tart will definitely work. Crispy pastry, velvety cream and the fruity taste of jelly are a perfect combination. You can prepare both traditional tart and small tartalettes. The method of preparation is practically the same - you need to knead the dough, prepare pudding and jelly. In the case of tartalettes you will need cocktail pans or a suitable mold. When they cool down, you can put into them sweet mousses, fruit masses or whipped cream.

To prepare a dessert, which will delight not only taste, but also appearance, you do not need much. Reaching for colorful jellies and fruit for sure you will get a phenomenal effect, which will appeal to both small and large gourmets!

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