Coffee instead of dessert? Check out our recipes for sweet drinks!

Coffee instead of dessert? Check out our recipes for sweet drinks!

Many of us like to reach for something sweet with our coffee. However, a small black coffee alone can be a sufficient dessert. You don't have to choose between sweets and a drink with a lot of sugar. Why not combine the two and create a dessert coffee instead of coffee and cake? See how to use your coffee maker to create the perfect, flavorful drink just in time for afternoon tea!

Coffee has more than one name

A typical Italian espresso is a small-batch coffee that represents the essence of flavour. But the possibilities don't end with the small black. Coffee can be brewed in hundreds of different ways, bringing out different flavor notes, so if you want to prepare a dessert in the form of this drink, you don't have to limit yourself to sweetening espresso with sugar or sweetener. We have many more options for preparing coffee with additives, which will be a great idea for afternoon tea. So it's worth knowing the proven recipes that will allow us to enjoy the delicious taste of coffee without having to spend hours in the kitchen.

The right coffee , capsules that will be placed in a specially designated place, and of course - the coffee machine will allow us to prepare delicious desserts in the form of flavored coffees, mainly with the use of sweet milk or whipped cream and chocolate.

Sweetened black coffee - espresso capsules in a sweet edition

A sweet and creamy espresso is a delicious dessert that will give us energy. It's easy to prepare with an espresso machine. We suggest a coffee from a ristretto capsule, 40 ml of cream, 30 ml of water, a couple of fresh mint leaves and raspberries for decoration, forest fruit sauce and 2 fruit tea bags. Brew 2 fruit tea bags in 30 ml of boiling water, then let it sit for a few minutes until it turns a more intense color. Add to it 4 teaspoons of sugar (optional sweetener) and combine the tea with a portion of cream. Whisk everything in a blender. Using an espresso machine, brew a 40 ml ristretto and place it in a lungo glass. Add the previously prepared cream on top and decorate with fruit sauce, fresh raspberries and mint leaves. You can certainly surprise your guests with such coffee.

Iced latte - coffee from a capsule and ice

Iced version of latte will be perfect for a warm afternoon. To make it you need two capsules of ristretto coffee, 4 ice cubes and 40 ml of milk. Pour cold milk into a tall glass and you'll need coffee. With the ristretto capsules in the coffee maker the coffee will be ready in a few moments! Pour the ready brew into the cold milk and add ice cubes. This coffee tastes and looks its best immediately after preparation.

Sweet iced mocha with cinnamon

Thick, creamy, with a touch of sweetness and cinnamon - mocha coffee can be used as a dessert and becomes a truly original coffee feast. To make it, we need the right capsule of coffee, like the Arpeggio Grand Cru from Nespresso, a scoop of cinnamon ice cream, 30 ml of cream curd, a teaspoon of maple syrup, and some ground cinnamon. Prepare the coffee in a capsule machine, pour it into a blender, add a scoop of ice cream and cottage cheese. Blend for a while and add maple syrup. The glass, into which the finished coffee dessert will go, can be decorated with ground cinnamon along its edge. This mocha coffee will look and taste great.

The variety of solutions offered by coffee, capsules and the chosen coffee machine is a real paradise for all gourmets! Coffee desserts prepared at home will not only enrich the afternoons with their sweetness, but also surprise our guests!

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