Chocolate - properties worth knowing

Chocolate - properties worth knowing

Chocolate, invented only in the second half of the 19th century, conquers the hearts of confectionery lovers and gourmets almost all over the world. This unusual and loved delicacy has many faces and can be used not only as a sweet snack - in its dry version it is often used as an addition to salty dishes. If you like chocolate, here are some interesting facts about it that will not only make snacking on cubes of dark, milk or filled chocolate more enjoyable, but will also explain its origin and properties.

Bitter or milk?

It is a well-known fact that the healthiest chocolate is dark chocolate and its value is determined by the amount of cocoa solids - the higher in the composition, the better. It is dark chocolate that hides valuable nutritional values which make it healthy when eaten every day in reasonable amounts! Among other things it will help reduce the risk of heart attack.

Milk chocolate has much less cocoa pulp, but a lot of sugar and milk. It is therefore less healthy and more calorific, but this does not mean that it is devoid of any values. Both types of chocolate contain magnesium, iron, copper, zinc, phosphorus, potassium and calcium. We can even find vitamins A, K and B vitamins in them.

It is a fact that chocolate is very mood-enhancing - a large amount of carbohydrates is responsible for that. Such a shot immediately stimulates, so chocolate is a great snack if we feel a drop in energy, for example at work. Interestingly, chocolate also contains small amounts of caffeine, which is an additional "stimulant". In addition, magnesium has a positive effect on our nervous system.

The last health curiosity connected with chocolate is a recent discovery of scientists - chocolate helps with coughs! And this is due to theobromine, a substance that has anti-cough properties.

Chocolate - a sweet that has many benefits

It has been proven that chocolate is filling, even in small quantities. That is why when we crave something sweet, only two cubes are enough to feel satisfaction. It is worth knowing that even the smell of chocolate can soothe and relax us. No wonder - chocolate contains as many as 600 aromas (in comparison, red wine has 200). All of them have a positive influence on us. And so much so that when you spray its scent in a bookstore, sales of cookbooks and romance books increase (such an experiment was conducted in 2013).

Did you know that people are crazy about chocolate?

Indeed, it seems that the world is crazy about chocolate. In Belgium, as many as 17,000 people work in its production. Americans, in particular, are crazy about this delicacy, eating 50% of the world's output - by comparison, Europe is not far behind, eating 40%.

Chocolate, fortunately, has never caused any wars, but because of it people went on strike - in 1947 Canadian children expressed their dissatisfaction, because chocolate bars became 50% more expensive!

What is worth remembering for sure? When buying chocolate, pay attention to its quality, especially the amount of cocoa pulp in its composition. You can eat it several times a week, even on a diet (in reasonable amounts). Importantly, white chocolate does not contain cocoa solids, so in practice it should not be referred to as "chocolate".

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