Canola oil - extremely valuable and healthy

Canola oil - extremely valuable and healthy

Canola oil has been underrated in cooking until recently. It has been growing in popularity for some time and is now referred to by some as the "oil of the north". The oil is extracted from the black seeds of the plant, which in spring delights with its beautiful yellow flowers in the rapeseed fields. It turns out that it is not at all inferior to olive oil, so popular in cooking.

We can get rapeseed oil in two forms: as unrefined or refined rapeseed oil. Unrefined - cold-pressed - rapeseed oil retains a maximum content of health-promoting components (vitamins, mineral salts, sterols). It is darker and has a characteristic bitter and sour taste. It is ideal for salads or as an addition to pastes, sandwiches and all other cold dishes.

The refined version of rapeseed oil, has a more neutral smell and taste, and the color is lighter, more golden. This type of rapeseed oil is ideal for dishes served hot. Thanks to the fact that it has the so-called high smoke point, it can be used for frying or baking without any fear. It does not change the taste of food, therefore, it can be used for dinner dishes and sweet cakes.

Canola oil can also be successfully used by children as a substitute for butter in soups and purees from 6 months of age. The taste of the oil is perfectly enriched by interesting additives such as garlic, basil, chilli or sun-dried tomatoes. It will prove useful in salads, vegetables, fish and meat, as well as a base for making homemade mayonnaise.

Its additional advantage is that it can be easily drained using ordinary parchment or paper towels.

canola oil

To produce 1 yttr of rapeseed oil we need 3 kg of rapeseed. The composition of the oil has evolved over the years. For about 20 years, only varieties that are free of erucic acid, harmful to health, have been cultivated. Modern rapeseed oil contains many valuable acids such as oleic, linolenic and linoleic acids.

The composition and health benefits of rapeseed oil are extremely similar to those of olive oil. In addition, rapeseed oil contains a higher amount of omega 3 acids than olive oil, so for a long time it was wrongly considered inferior.

Rapeseed grows best in temperate climates in countries such as France, Germany - the largest producers in the European Union. Canada, India and China also produce a lot of it.

Canola oil - kitchen inspiration

When looking for oils to use in the kitchen in exotic countries, it is worth not forgetting about the precious and wonderful domestic rapeseed oil. It will be perfect for traditional dishes, such as pork stuffed with plum - a classic and safe dish for an elegant family dinner, or for preparing tenderloins.

Not only in traditional cuisine, but also in new experiments it will prove perfect. It will compose interestingly with buckwheat pancakes with goulash. It will also be perfect as an addition to béchamel in lasagna in Greek style.

Nuggets with coconut, on the other hand, are a great option for the biggest eaters among children, where oil will also come in handy!

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