Canned fish - a popular trend in modern gastronomy

Canned fish - a popular trend in modern gastronomy

Chefs and amateur cooks are increasingly turning to canned fish. It is a simple and tasty product that is suitable for both salads and hot dishes.

Eating canned fish is a relatively new culinary trend. Of course, the preservation of meat, vegetables or fish in cans has been known for many years, but it is only now that both chefs of restaurants in major cities around the world and amateur gastronomes are finding in them inspiration for their dishes.

Mackerel fillets, herring, sardines or tinned tuna - each of these products is quite easy to turn into a tasty snack. It can be a quick lunch during a break from classes, but also the basis of the menu for a party that we prepare for family or friends.

A simple snack

Experienced chefs advise that the culinary adventure with fish cans to start with mackerel or tuna. These products go perfectly with fresh bread or warmed toasted bread and butter with a bit of green parsley or chives.

On the other hand, sardines and herring, as well as tuna in oil go well with simple salads. One of the most interesting is the combination of oranges, olives and egg. Diced olives and orange should be mixed with olive oil and hard boiled egg and chopped parsley. Another interesting trend is combining canned fish (in oil) with sun-dried tomatoes. To this mixture perfectly go with roasted almonds and garlic. Salads in this form break the intensity of the fish due to their light acidity. On the other hand, the well-known American website dedicated to culinary art Epicurious suggests a slightly bolder combination of fish with hot serrano peppers, red onions, chopped mint leaves and radishes, all sprinkled with fresh lime juice.


Canned fish can be used just as well for hot dishes. Celebrated British chef, TV personality and food journalist Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall says that until now tuna has usually been used for cooking. Since canned fish and seafood has become a popular trend, chefs are increasingly cooking up sardines and mackerel.
- Each of these can form the basis of countless quick meals. While canned fish have strong flavors, and may seem too overwhelming for many, there are ways to temper them, writes the Guardian.
His suggestions include; mackerel pate served on toast or oatcakes with a sprinkling of "spicy onions" and a breakfast omelette with sardines.

And what other hot dishes can we find on the menus of restaurants specializing in canned fish? Italian influences dominate here. Sardines, tuna or mackerel are a great base for sauces served with pasta - spaghetti, linguine or tagliatelle. In addition, canned sardines are also increasingly appearing as the main ingredient in pizzas.
Canned fish is not only a tasty product, but above all simple. Interesting dishes are created from them very quickly. With the current pace of life - this is a big advantage.

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