Camembert, the pride of Normandy

Camembert, the pride of Normandy

Everyone knows the feeling when, after leaving food in the fridge for too long, it becomes unfit to eat because of mold.... Fortunately, not every mold cancels out food, because if it did, camembert would not be such a tasty morsel for cheese fans. The symbol of Normandy tempts with its velvety rind and delicate taste, which will capture even those skeptical of blue cheese.

Camembert - a small, quiet town in Normandy. No one in 1791 expected that it was here that he would develop the recipe for a delicious cheese that people would still enjoy over 200 years later. The town today hasn't changed much - still a few houses, streets, modesty. Unlike their product, cheese, which continues to conquer hearts and palates around the world. And it is not going to stop, because more and more people who previously approached this delicacy with a lot of uncertainty are becoming convinced to the cheese.

Camembert is incredibly filling and goes well with a variety of dishes - from sauces, to pizza, on which it will melt perfectly and satisfy every, even the most demanding palate. It also cannot be missed at informal parties in the form of appetizers with olives, cucumbers and cherry tomatoes. It is also an obligatory element of the cheese board, where it can appear together with grapes, capers, figs, dates and pears. It goes perfectly with blueberry or cranberry preserves. The taste of cheese perfectly softens the sweetness of the fruit. Undoubtedly, the title of snack master belongs to Camembert. However, this is not its only purpose, as it will be a great companion at barbecues or dinners - in a batter, with an appropriate sauce.

Camembert cheese

If we are planning an evening feast with camembert as the main ingredient, there must also be wine. The best choice for the soft cheese is semi-sweet. If, however, we would like to completely stay in the climate of Normandy, let's choose cider, for which the town is also famous. Beer lovers, however, should not be disappointed, because this golden beverage also goes well with this delicious cheese. Wheat beer or lager will pass the test best.

Camembert, however, is not easy to make. However, we are not talking about the recipe itself, but about formalities ... In France, the name can only be used by a few hundred manufacturers, each of whom is subject to detailed inspection. Before the war, camembert cheese was also produced in Poland, in Słupsk. It was a hit, but after the outbreak of World War II, production was moved to Bavaria.

Nowadays, we rarely take sandwiches with us to work. A tastier alternative are bruschetta with avocado or sun-dried tomatoes. And to these will go perfectly with camembert with grapes. But not only here, because this delicious cheese can save any dish. Salad with lamb's lettuce and camembert, chicken breast, and even boletus soup - camembert will find itself in every setting, and in addition will be a really tasty addition, guaranteeing our dishes a bit of melt-in-the-mouth sweetness.

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