Acai berries

Similar to Polish blueberries or miniature versions of grapes. People interested in nutrition have called them superfoods. They are dark purple in color and come from Brazil. They are rich in nutrients. You can already give yourself a dose of energy with the El Dorado of fruit.

Fresh berries are something that only a select few can get. They can only be found in the wild rainforests of Brazil. They are found in the middle of the jungle and grow on huge Brazilian palm trees, sometimes 20 meters high. It takes a lot of energy to get there. However, the taste of chocolate and blackberries will reward this effort.

Unfortunately this fruit has a large stone. Outside the stone there is a wonderful flesh. In the north of Brazil it is usually combined with tapioca. It can be eaten both sweet and salty. In the south, it is served with granola. Locally it is called "acai na tigela". Everyone who goes there is recommended to try this fruit. It will be perfect in ice creams and drinks, and if you squeeze the juice out of it, it will be great for making alcohols.
Unfortunately, transporting berries is tragic for them, so trying them is only possible in Brazil. In Poland you can get them as juice, powder, tablets or frozen pulp. The powder can be combined with kiwi juice, orange juice and barley. The result is an energy boosting shake. It is also good when combined with bananas, mangoes, coconut and strawberries. They will refresh us at once. In addition, they will refresh any dessert. A shot of power is guaranteed by mixing them with syrup made of guarana.

acai berries

Interesting fact
Sometimes these berries are called seeds because they are hard. This is due to the seed, which makes up most of the fruit - 85%. One Brazilian palm tree has about 2 pairs of stems, but it can bear up to a ton of fruit. Harvesting is done as many as 2 times a year.

  • In addition to the seeds themselves, the tops of their stems can also be used. They are used for pickles and treated just like vegetables.
  • The term superfood was originally used by Aaron Moss in 1998. This is the term used to describe natural, unprocessed foods. They have a great deal of nutrients. Acai berries totally apply here.
  • They have quite justly earned the title of super food. There is no other plant on the entire globe, if we look at the enzyme, mineral, vitamin and nutrient content, that can at least compete with them. Dried fruits contain a lot of vitamin A, plus minerals such as potassium, calcium and iron. All in one small fruit. Compared to green tea, acai berries contain 100 times more antioxidants.

How should one interpret the above information? The consumer of these berries obtains at one time a lot of important fatty acids of the unsaturated type and lipids, which give a person a great supply of energy.

Do you feel that your power has increased? It is already clear why this has happened. Such a wonderful acai berry cannot be given away for anything!

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