4 types of coffee that you can easily prepare in the machine

4 types of coffee that you can easily prepare in the machine

Do you like your coffee strong and full-bodied espresso or do you prefer a soft, typical Italian cappuccino with soft foam on top? What is your favourite coffee? Types of coffee are one thing, but it's also important to consider which coffees you can easily prepare in your machine. Check out 4 of these coffees!

Espresso Coffee

What is a true Italian coffee? The types of black coffees come down to a common denominator: espresso. It's a strong coffee served in a small cup with about 25 milliliters of volume. It's best enjoyed solo, without sugar, because it offers all the important flavour notes of freshly ground coffee beans.

The essence of the taste of espresso is not the speed at which the drink is brewed, but the pressure we use to prepare it. You don't have to be a barista to brew it. At home, a capsule machine such as NESCAFÉ® Dolce Gusto® is enough to make a perfect espresso coffee with the characteristic crema on top at pressures of up to 15 bars.

A single capsule of freshly ground coffee will reveal a range of aromas and give us the perfect taste of a strong black coffee, which according to Italian tradition should be drunk in 2-3 sips.

Americano - bigger than an espresso

If an espresso is too strong for you or if you just like to enjoy it for longer, you can make an Americano with a capsule coffee machine. What kind of coffee is it?

Italian coffee was not liked by the Americans who were stationed in Italy during World War II. So they asked for hot water to be added to the espresso portion. That's how a bigger and weaker version of espresso was created - the americano coffee. It can also be easily prepared in an espresso machine by simply choosing the right size of drink.

Cappuccino - the morning coffee in Italy

Poles love to drink cappuccino all day long, but in Italy this coffee is traditionally drunk only in the morning, usually with a sweet breakfast. This is another example of coffee that can be prepared in an espresso machine. Capsule coffee makers only require that you choose two capsules, one of which contains espresso made from freshly ground Arabica and Robusta beans, and the other contains lightly sweetened milk. With these two capsules, the machine quickly produces a cappuccino rich in the intense aroma of espresso, balanced by the creamy smoothness of the milk froth.

Such a cappuccino should have a characteristic, slightly brownish color and a soft froth on top. It is normally served in a large cup with a capacity of around 240 ml.

Three-layer latte macchiato

It may come as a surprise to many people that even a latte macchiato that looks stunning and satisfies with its aroma and flavour can also be made in the coffee machine at home. Simply insert a capsule of coffee and then a capsule of sweet milk into the machine's inlet port to create a delicious coffee with three layers - hot milk at the bottom, aromatic coffee in the middle, and frothed milk on top.

Four different coffees, four flavors that should appeal to both black coffee drinkers and those who prefer their coffee with milk. These are just a few examples of coffees that a home espresso machine can make for you!

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