3 things to look for when choosing a toaster oven

3 things to look for when choosing a toaster oven

Toasters are very simple devices, which for many of us are an indispensable piece of kitchen equipment, necessary for preparing a delicious breakfast. Despite the uncomplicated design, toaster models can differ from each other in many parameters. Check out what 3 things you need to pay attention to when choosing a tester.

  1. Capacity
  2. Defrost function
  3. Roll heating function

The first element you should pay attention to when choosing a toaster is its capacity. The first thing to look at when choosing a toaster is its capacity, so you need to determine whether you need a small appliance to toast one or two toasts or a larger one that will meet the needs of everyone in your household. Toasters can have a handy defrost function to give you perfectly crispy toast from frozen slices. A useful feature is the bun warmer, which uses a special toaster grate.


1, 2 or maybe 4 toasts? Thanks to the wide variety of toasters you can choose models with a capacity of one, two or even four slices. You'll also find appliances that toast one or two long slices of bread. Smaller models will work well for singles and couples, while larger appliances will certainly meet the needs of a family of several people.

Defrost function

The defrost function prolongs the baking cycle, so frozen slices can quickly become delicious and crispy. The bread is first defrosted in the toaster pocket and then toasted until it reaches the desired degree of browning. Models with this option often have a reheat function so you can quickly get your toast crispy again, even if you've forgotten about it in the busyness of the morning.

Roll heating function

The roll heating grid is an accessory that lets you heat up your rolls or croissants. The heat rises from inside the toaster, warming and browning your rolls.

Choosing a toaster can become quite a challenge, especially when you come across a wide selection of such devices. At first, we will probably pay attention to the appearance of the toaster, which we should match with the kitchen decor. However, it's worth considering additional functions that affect the comfort of use. More advanced models will have several of them. So we can find toasters with multiple toasting steps, one-sided toasting or a function for lifting small slices. If you want to find the perfect toaster, compare models and the options they have to make the right choice. This simple appliance can make any breakfast more enjoyable.

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